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It’s hard to open a magazine, read a blog or turn on the television without seeing a story about a new food or beverage trend. Often, the Salt & Pepper Food and Drink team is the source of those stories.

The For Results

With new brands, lines, products and restaurants introduced each day, we understand competition for space (in shopping carts, on shelves and in the media) is fierce. From facilitating the launch of new products to developing long-term creative strategies that ensure maximum media coverage, sell product, increase distribution and win market share, our experience and results in the food and beverage arena are unparalleled. We understand restaurant and cafe franchises, tell compelling public relations narratives in the alcohol/spirits space, functional foods arena, FMCG food and grocery industry, and more.

We Help Our Clients

We’ve helped Hell Pizza, LeaderBrand, Stonegrill, Duncan Venison, Babich Wines, Kumara Fusion, Ooooby, Green Meadows Beef, Texas Chicken, The Coffee Club, and many others become the focus of the media’s menu.