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From 4 March, installing solar will be easier than it has ever been before. Harrisons Energy, New Zealand’s leading independent home energy specialist, will be offering Kiwis a new option called Solar Easy Pay, an arrangement that allows customers to pay for their solar energy system over five years.

No deposit is required, making solar achievable for more homeowners wanting to enjoy the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy. Harrisons believes the payment plan is the first of its kind in New Zealand.

“Our aim with Solar Easy Pay is to put the power back into the hands of New Zealand consumers,” explains Phil Harrison, director of Harrisons Energy. “We want to make purchasing solar easier and simpler so that more Kiwis will be able to generate their own free electricity, rather than being at the mercy of the major power companies.

“Along with people across the world, increasing numbers of New Zealanders are extremely interested in the benefits of installing solar energy but are often put off by the upfront investment,” he adds. “We have developed Solar Easy Pay to remove that barrier and make solar much more accessible and affordable.”

According to Phil, most enquiries that the company receives about solar are driven by a desire to cut household electricity costs.

“Many of our customers have managed to significantly reduce their power bills,” says Phil. “It should also be regarded as a good long-term investment. Installing solar is a great way for Kiwis to future-proof their homes, and also add value to them. Solar battery costs are falling while grid electricity prices are rising. Switching to solar now will save households money in the future.”

Solar fit-outs from Harrisons Energy start from $5999 fully installed. Regional experts provide customers with solar energy solutions that are tailored to their house and particular situation. They provide support at every step of the way from the first in-home consultation to design, installation and paperwork. Harrisons Energy is fully independent and does not work on a commission basis, meaning that they are able to offer genuine, unbiased advice backed by almost 60 years of experience.

Harrisons has access to the world’s latest solar technology, including from LG and Tesla. There is no need for New Zealanders to wait for the most up to date technology to arrive. It is already here.

Customers can speak to their regional Harrisons Energy expert for more details about Solar Easy Pay. For more information on Harrisons Energy and regional contact details, visit

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