Creative PR

Issuing a media release and hoping it will get a product or business some coverage no longer cuts it. Our PR campaigns get brands talked about for all the right reasons. We have the ideas, the experience and the contacts to get brands seen in all the right places by the right people. We enjoy telling stories in different and exciting ways, using media relations, events, PR stunts, social media, sampling and any other tool that can help us make a huge splash for our clients.

Valuable Content

Words are our bread and butter and we love them dearly but they are not the be all and end all. Rich content is becoming more important as a conversation starter and a tool to raise awareness and educate. We can design and supply copywriting for websites and collateral in-house and also have contacts throughout New Zealand who can provide graphic design, web development, advertising, photography, and experiential marketing and videography services. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure the entire campaign has a consistent look and feel.

Salt & Pepper Global

The world is no longer as big as it once was and with many New Zealand brands exporting and sending their products, and services, across the world, it is important that PR professionals have connections that go beyond the shores of Aotearoa. Our extensive reach and networks, which include media and bloggers in China, Australia, the USA, UK and Canada, means we can activate PR campaigns in locations all around the world.


We believe that if you’re not seeing commercial results then your PR campaign simply isn’t working. We track results very carefully and provide a detailed success report at the end of every month. This covers the amount and quality of the coverage received and social media results, along with any audience perception research we have been doing to monitor awareness and behavior change.

Social Know-How

We are part of the new generation of PR professionals that grew up using social media – we are fluent in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and are always on the lookout for the next hot and trendy tool. Our compelling social media campaigns offer 24/7 engagement to create loyal brand advocates. Our social media community managers never switch off and are always mulling over what they can do next to inspire, educate and connect with a brand’s audiences.



We know the dos and don’ts of the social media landscape. We are adept with our hashtags, know when it’s appropriate to tag someone and are incredibly talented at condensing important messages into 140 characters. We are familiar with the social media troublemakers as well as the users that love and want to hear from particular kinds of brands. We can connect brands with the right people and engage them so that they become passionate, loyal advocates.



PR isn’t all about talking – it’s also about listening and using that information to improve brand offerings, image and messaging. One of the most useful things about social media is that it offers brands a direct line of communication to their customers, competitor customers and other audiences. It also offers an opportunity to identify possible PR problems before they become a huge issue. Our social media team members are always listening to online chatter and can provide clients with detailed feedback on how their brands are being received.



Salt & Pepper PR is a member of the New Zealand Food Bloggers Association and we also work with international bloggers, including in Australia, the UK, USA, Canada and China. We know which bloggers are vegetarian, which ones love to travel, who is all about wine and who never writes about anything but style and fashio. This in-depth knowledge of the many diverse personalities in the global blogging network means that we can focus our communications on the people that are going to be interested in your product and open to engaging with the brand.