Pay for your PR by Results

Pay By Results is a service that we offer to select clients on 6 and 12 month contracts. The PBR service is ideal for those that haven’t worked with a PR consultancy before and are unsure or a little nervous about the types of results that can be expected. We have also developed the service for those that been burned by agencies not delivering on their promises in the past. PBR has been designed to put their minds at ease and give them the confidence to invest in PR again.

We have always been focused on results at Salt & Pepper and set firm, tangible KPIs with our clients. So far, we haven’t missed the mark once and don’t intend to start any time soon! PBR is yet another way of demonstrating our commitment to that as well as giving new clients the reassurance that they will get a tangible return on investment from any work that we do together.

How does PBR work?

Jen Bell, the Managing Director at Salt & Pepper will work with you to understand your PR objectives (increased sales/more stockists/enhanced SEO etc), with those in mind we will then devise a 6 or 12-month PR strategy designed to achieve those objectives.

The PR strategy will outline the agreed activities and KPIs per month. If at the end of the 6 or 12 months, Salt & Pepper has not delivered on all of those KPIs then a percentage of the PR fee will be refunded to you.

How much does PBR cost?

There is no upper limit on the PBR service, it can be applied to any size of PR campaign over our minimum retainer spend of $2,500 per month.

How can I get PBR?

To be considered for PBR you will need to get in touch with Salt & Pepper and outline why you think it would work for you and your business and what your objectives are. We will then assess your business from a PR perspective including an audit of news in your sector or industry, an assessment of your competitors and research into previous PR campaigns within your sector. This information would be collated and used by Salt & Pepper to inform our recommendations. Email Jen at to discuss how PBR could work for your business.