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I’m a bit of a podcast geek and being in the world of marketing, there’s a lot to keep up with. New trends, the latest technological innovations, changes in human interaction etc. Plus, when I’m doing boring stuff, like loading the dish washer, I really need something to keep me motivated.

If you’re looking for some interesting stuff, or just simply need to tune out the dullness of sorting the washing, here are some of the top podcasts I recommend. Not all them cover marketing and business, but you need to know about more than those anyway to survive in this world.


This is a new podcast, and one I should have no use for. It’s a branded podcast by Tinder, so naturally it talks about the world of online dating and how people interact. I’ve been with my wife since I was 20, and online dating only hit its stride long after I’d left the market, so why listen to such a podcast?

Well, human relationships are still important, and probably the biggest factor in people’s decision making, such as what they wear, where they go, how the act and who they hang out with. But more than that, it’s great to just hear how people think about themselves and the issues they face when interacting online. For instance, why do guys send d*** pics? Yes, they really did an episode about that.


This podcast comes courtesy of the BBC World Service. I didn’t think I’d be listening to such a podcast in my early 30s, and I’m not going to lie, some episodes are dry and not all that thrilling. For the most part though, this podcast puts-up some interesting and in-depth shows.

You get a mix of news stories from around the world on a broad range of topics. Recently they’ve covered how Houston is planning to be a city of the future, numerous podcasts on Trump, and of course, the Reindeer Grand Prix in Finland.


If you’re in marketing you’ve probably come across Freakanomics already – basically applying economic theory to pretty much anything. Co-authour of Freakanomics, Stephen Dubner, hosts the podcast (his voice perfectly matches how he looks by the way) and covers a range of topics, such as how to be great at anything, why New York restauranteur Danny Meyer abandoned tipping or my favourite – how to make a pencil. Seriously, listen to it, you’ll be informed and say ‘that is cool’ out loud at least once per episode.


If you saw the remake of the TV series Cosmos, you’ll know Neil deGrasse Tyson. Blessed with the ability to understand complicated science and break-it down for thickos like me, he brings together a wide range of scientists and comedians to talk about any number of cultural and scientific ideas. It’s definitely nerdy, but it explores a lot of topics such as the science behind fashion and relationships.


My favourite business podcast bar none. In fact, it might be my favourite podcast. The formula for each episode is simple, interview an entrepreneur, innovator or business founder, and let them tell the story of what they did to become a success.

My personal picks for business insight would be Herb Khelleher (Southwest airlines), Jim Koch (Samuel Adams beer), Dave Gilboa and Neil Blumenthal (Warby Parker) and my personal favourite, Yvon Chouinard (Patagonia clothing). Frankly speaking, listening to any of the series is like finding gold. You could spend a lot of money attending seminars and buying books, and I’m not sure you’d get the same value that this half hour podcast brings.

Happy listening.

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