Create a plan that will get your brand noticed

For a public relations approach to be truly effective, you need to be committed for the long-haul. Remember, most people need to hear a message 3-5 times before they finally lower their guard and do something (i.e. take a punt on your product). That means you need to be drip-feeding news about your brand – both to journalists and through other channels – every month in order to grab their attention. The result is more than worth it – you can expect increased sales, improved brand awareness and more customers!

Our Strategy Workshop will help you to get coverage on multiple channels, and get in front of those all-important customers more than just once.




Our press release workshops usually take two hours. Enter your preferred date when booking and we will get in touch to confirm a date and time with you.


$500 +GST



What to expect

The workshop will give you one on one time with Managing Director of Salt & Pepper, Jen Bell, to talk about your ideas, your strategy and to ask plenty of questions. We will share real-life approaches that have seen tangible results for our clients, including extensive media coverage, increased website traffic, improved sales and hugely valuable investment in their companies.

A few things we'll cover

What are the benefits of having a PR strategy?

· Understanding and setting your objectives for your communications.

· Who is your audience? We’ll brainstorm a target audience profile with you to help you target your strategy.

· Where is your audience? We’ll help you establish whether they’re reading blogs, checking Insta stories or reading the NBR and how to get your brand in those places!

· Getting creative – how to come up with new ideas for your PR strategy and how to have an effective brainstorm.

· What is included in a PR strategy?

· Developing your own strategy – how to create your strategy and make it work.

· How to create a 6-month timeline and make it manageable and doable with your schedule.

· How to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

What else you'll get

· Course information pack to take back to your business.

· Strategy template, guidelines and examples.

· Real-life example strategies that have achieved great results.

· You’ll go away with a 6-month strategy for your communications.