Your Publicity Roadmap

There’s no doubt about it. Coronavirus and the measures that New Zealand had to take to stamp it out have changed our business landscape forever.

Some of our best-known brands have vanished or are teetering on the edge. It has hit our journalists hard as well. Bauer Media, which printed some of our country’s oldest and most-loved lifestyle publications, made a swift exit. Others, such as NZME and Stuff have announced mass redundancies.

But where there is loss, there is opportunity. Kiwis are showing unprecedented enthusiasm for New Zealand grown, owned and operated brands. On top of that, journalists are relying more than ever on news and content provided by local New Zealand businesses. With many newsrooms operating with a quarter less staff than before lockdown, they need your help and updates more than ever.

Which is all well and good. But you need to know who these reporters are, how and when to contact them and what it is about your brand that is going to get them pumped up enough to write a story. And in these uncertain economic times, and even before COVID-19, not everyone has the $5,000+ per month that most agencies charge to do that on your behalf.

What is PR Coach?

I have been helping New Zealand businesses with their PR strategies for more than 14 years and have generated media coverage in thousands of publications – not only in New Zealand but across the UK, USA, Australia and Asia as well. I’m delighted to be able to offer you that knowledge and expertise for the fraction of the cost of a fully managed campaign.

PR Coach is your roadmap to forging your own extremely valuable relations with media and generating coverage that will get your brand and products in front of hundreds of thousands of potential customers.

What courses are available?

Email me at for a personalised plan or take a look at our range of PR Coach workshops by clicking on a link below. We will be adding to these regularly so do keep checking back!

PR Coach: Press Release Workshop

PR Coach: Strategy Workshop

PR Coach: You Can Do It! 6-Week Fast Track

What will I get out of it?

· Course information packs to take back to your business.

· Templates, guidelines and examples.

· Guaranteed media coverage.

· Media contacts to send your press releases to.

· Feedback from the Managing Director of Salt & Pepper on your press releases and strategies.

· The confidence and skills to successfully manage your own PR campaigns.