PR That Gets Results

Issuing a media release and hoping it will get a product or business some coverage no longer cuts it. Our PR campaigns get brands talked about for all the right reasons. We have the ideas, the experience and the contacts to get brands seen in all the right places by the right people. We enjoy telling stories in different and exciting ways, using media relations, events, PR stunts, social media, sampling and any other tool that can help us make a huge splash for our clients.

We have been helping New Zealand businesses with their PR strategies for more than 14 years and have generated media coverage in thousands of publications – not only in New Zealand but across the UK, USA, Australia and Asia as well. We have worked with brands of all shapes of sizes, including Marriott International, Dole, The Coffee Club, Hell Pizza, Tourism Holdings, Rafting New Zealand, Green Meadows Beef, Life Pharmacy, Lumino The Dentists, Rainbow’s End, GAS Petrol Stations and many more. We are best known for our work with New Zealand lifestyle brands, though we have assisted businesses in every industry over the years.

Why we love PR

PR’s biggest advantage over advertising is the seemingly independent third-party recognition and endorsement it provides – an incredible asset in a crowded, distracted, and confused world.

The public feels that when an objective third party – a television show, magazine writer, newspaper journalist, blogger, social networker, or radio reporter, for example – features a company or person in a positive light, that entity is authentic and important.

Done well, PR frames debates, shapes opinions, changes minds, averts crises, helps ring the cash register, and motivates individuals and groups to take action.

Media relations

Media relations is an essential part of any PR campaign. Whether you’re launching a brand to consumer press or you need to reach out to your trade audiences, we can craft a story that is going to help you stand out from the rest – and we know exactly who to pitch it to as well.

We use a variety of techniques to get your brand in front of the  reporters, editors and producers – from punchy press releases to desk-side briefings to experiential media events. Clients have featured in media such as Breakfast TV, Seven Sharp, the NZ Herald, Cuisine, MiNDFOOD, Radio NZ, NZ Life & Leisure, Magic Talk, Mai FM and The AM Show, to name but a few.

Creative Concepts

We pride ourselves on developing campaigns that generate nationwide coverage, including TV features, radio interviews and double-page spreads in our most popular magazines. Along with that all-important buzz on social media. If you have an interesting piece of news, we can certainly leverage that. However, we are also masters at creating news opportunities! We can brainstorm creative concepts that are in line with your brand to ensure you stay top of mind with media and your customers.

Our heart-pumping Rainbow’s End experiment was a great example of this, resulting in one of our longest ever segments on Breakfast TV.

Social Know-How

We are part of the new generation of PR professionals that grew up using social media – we are fluent in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and are always on the lookout for the next hot and trendy tool. Our compelling social media campaigns offer 24/7 engagement to create loyal brand advocates. Our social media community managers never switch off and are always mulling over what they can do next to inspire, educate and connect with a brand’s audiences.

PR isn’t all about talking – it’s also about listening and using that information to improve brand offerings, image and messaging. One of the most useful things about social media is that it offers brands a direct line of communication to their customers, competitor customers and other audiences. It also offers an opportunity to identify possible PR problems before they become a huge issue. Our social media team members are always listening to online chatter and can provide clients with detailed feedback on how their brands are being received.