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Founder, Pete Russell, launched Ooooby as a New Zealand fruit and vegetable home delivery business in October 2010, with the aim of making locally grown food as affordable and convenient as what people can buy in the supermarket.

Salt & Pepper PR joined the Ooooby team when the business was in growth mode. We significantly increased awareness and understanding of Ooooby, through both Australian and New Zealand media, generating coverage on the Paul Henry Show, and in the New Zealand Herald, Sunday Star Times, South Sydney Herald, Stuff, Idealog, NZ Business Magazine, Country Calendar, Kia Ora and Acres Australia, among other media. Salt & Pepper PR also organised a cover story and four-page feature on Ooooby in NZ Lifestyle Block, reaching the ideal audience for the brand, as well as an extensive piece in NZ Exporter Magazine. Along with media work, Salt & Pepper PR directed a photo shoot and series of YouTube videos introducing customers to Ooooby and the farmers behind the produce. These were very well received by both the public and media, with many commenting that it helped them better understand the process behind the Ooooby boxes and just how much the business supports local farmers.

  • Client - Ooooby
  • Services - Media Relations, Video & Photo Directing and Editing, Copywriting