Texas BBQ Foods was founded towards the end of 2018, with the goal of being New Zealand’s most authentic Texas-inspired smoked beef brisket, pork belly, cheeses and butter. We worked with Ash Peters, founder of Texas BBQ Foods to launch the brand and create a buzz around the products. We focused on both consumer and B2B PR to drive support at both ends of the funnel. Media sampling was an integral part of our approach, along with increasing understanding around what it takes to create high-quality Texas BBQ and why Ash’s products are so special.

Along with straight product awareness pieces, we also pitched a series of creative, original story ideas to boost interest. For example, we launched a campaign positioning New Plymouth (where Texas BBQ Foods is based) as the perfect sister city for Austin, Texas. We even convinced the Mayor to provide a quote! This resulted in some awesome coverage, including an interview with the Mayor on The AM Show.

Other story angles resulted in mass nationwide and regional coverage, including on TV and radio. Some of the highlights included an interview with Ash on Radio New Zealand and an unpaid segment on Breakfast TV where he talked about Texan barbecue and the presenters tasted his products.

Other coverage was published in outlets such as Fresh.co.nz, Supermarket News, Stuff Business, Taranaki Daily News, Food Magazine, Food Processing Australia, Food & Drink Business Australia, Be Well Magazine (formally Bite), Dish and Cuisine.


  • Client - Texas BBQ Foods
  • Date Completed - July 2020
  • Services - Media Relations, Media Releases, Media Sampling, Media Training, B2B PR, Consumer PR