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Last week, we invited Brodie and Matty from Breakfast TV to take the Rainbow’s End heart rate challenge. This was inspired by a story we’d read about Disneyland – that apparently visitors can burn 1500 calories, just from walking around the park. We wanted to put that theory to the test at Rainbow’s End, and also see whether the rides themselves could help get the heart rate pumping – literally!

The results were fascinating. There was a very clear increase in BPM (beats per minute), which altered depending on the ride Matty and Brodie went on. For example, Matty’s heart rate increased from 63BPM to 95BPM on the Corkscrew Coaster, 70BPM to 85BPM on Fearfall, and a whopping 67BPM to 104BPM on the Bumper Boats! He burned a total of 560 calories during the half day they spent there.

Brodie peaked at 105BPM on the Stratosfear, but also recorded a 103BPM heart rate on both Invader and Fearfall. She ended up burning 676 calories.

Most interestingly though is that Breakfast TV producer, Selena Hawkins, who is notoriously nervous about theme park rides, recorded a 142BPM heart rate, just from watching the others go on the rides. Once we convinced her to actually go on a ride (the Corkscrew Coaster), her heart rate soared to 160BPM, which is on par with a strenuous spin class. She burned almost 1200 calories at the park. Amazing!

There is still more to come from the Rainbow’s End heart rate challenge. Keep your eyes peeled over the coming days for more details. The Breakfast TV piece is now online as well – you can watch it here.

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