From the Grammys to Instagram – Curator Launches in NZ

posted on April 4th 2017 in Curator with 0 Comments

Kris Lal

Curator, a new social media marketing agency has launched in Auckland. It will help businesses grow their social media profile and reach by connecting them with the right influencers on different networks. Curator will offer a range of social media services, including influencer recommendations and connections, content development, social media management and consultation. They will […]

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AA Driver’s Town Is Ready to Roll

posted on March 18th 2017 in Rainbow's End with 0 Comments

Rainbow's End Driver's Town

The cars are gleaming, and the roads are ready. After months of anticipation, AA Driver’s Town, an innovative new attraction at Rainbow’s End, opened to the public on 11 March. AA Driver’s Town, which has been created in partnership with AA and Suzuki, enables children up to 12 years to experience driving a miniature Suzuki Swift […]

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Brodie & Matty Take Rainbow’s End Heart Rate Challenge

posted on February 9th 2017 in Rainbow's End with 0 Comments

Last week, we invited Brodie and Matty from Breakfast TV to take the Rainbow’s End heart rate challenge. This was inspired by a story we’d read about Disneyland – that apparently visitors can burn 1500 calories, just from walking around the park. We wanted to put that theory to the test at Rainbow’s End, and […]

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Inspirational Podcasts for 2017

posted on January 23rd 2017 in Salt & Pepper PR with 0 Comments

I’m a bit of a podcast geek and being in the world of marketing, there’s a lot to keep up with. New trends, the latest technological innovations, changes in human interaction etc. Plus, when I’m doing boring stuff, like loading the dish washer, I really need something to keep me motivated. If you’re looking for […]

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New Zealand’s most expensive Christmas mince pies

posted on December 6th 2016 in Uncategorized with 0 Comments

For the past few months, Salt & Pepper PR has been running the, “Christmas Mince Pies for Charity,” campaign for The Baking Industry Association of New Zealand. We created and presented the concept in September, then got cracking bringing the idea to life. It has been a fantastic ride, and such an enjoyable project to […]

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The Coffee Club Cups Brighten Up Winter

posted on June 29th 2016 in The Coffee Club with 0 Comments

The Coffee Club New Zealand is rolling out a new range of takeaway coffee cups from July. The cups will feature one of 12 quirky, coffee-related sayings, such as: “A good coffee on a bad day can perform miracles.” The Coffee Club hopes that the messages will make their customers smile, and that the unique […]

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Happy 25th Birthday Hubbards!

posted on December 8th 2015 in Hubbards with 0 Comments

It must be birthday season! Over the past few weeks, we have helped The Coffee Club New Zealand celebrate their 10th birthday, and Hubbards mark their 25th. We are also continuing to gear up for the Babich Wines centenary next year. Another Salt & Pepper client, LeaderBrand, is also blowing out some birthday candles – it’s […]

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The Coffee Club Celebrates A Decade

posted on November 29th 2015 in The Coffee Club with 0 Comments

We have now been working with The Coffee Club New Zealand for 2+ years. As soon as I met co-directors, Brad Jacobs and Andy Lucas, in our first meeting, I knew I was sitting across the table from some serious talent. The first thing that struck me was how young they both are (I still struggle to […]

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LeaderBrand launches Salad A Day campaign for summer

posted on November 22nd 2015 in Uncategorized with 0 Comments

LeaderBrand salad recipe

LeaderBrand, one of New Zealand’s largest and most innovative producers of fresh fruit and vegetables, has launched a Salad A Day campaign this week, to encourage Kiwis to include one more salad in their diet every day. LeaderBrand hopes to raise awareness of the health benefits of eating an extra salad a day. According to […]

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