We have developed a number of Your PR Coach packages to suit a variety of needs and budgets. We have detailed the most popular options below. If you think that PR coaching and/or personal branding would be of value to you, but you can’t see anything that quite suits your requirements, email us at hello@saltandpepperpr.com and we will pull together a recommendation especially for you.

Packages include six weeks of coaching – plus training materials (templates, course notes, media lists etc.) and email/phone support. Prices vary slightly, depending on whether the sessions are in person or via Skype. Payment plans are available for all courses.

Intro Coaching Session – Free

If you’re unsure whether or not coaching is for you, or you’d like some advice on the coaching package that would work best for you – then you can book in for a free intro coaching session. We will have a 30-60 minute chat about your career/business aspirations and how you can upskill to achieve those aims.

This is also a good opportunity for us to provide some more background on our expertise and what we do. Email us at hello@saltandpepperpr.com to organise a time.

The Aspiring Consultant

Leaving your traditional 9-5 job and working for yourself as a consultant has to be one of the most liberating, exciting and rewarding things you can ever do. It’s not all about the money, of course, but you will likely make significantly more working for yourself than you ever would remaining in employed work. There is no glass ceiling. You can make as much as you want to. At the same time, your work/life balance will be much improved.

We can give you the best possible start by helping you decide when to fly the nest, what your niche should be and how to find and win your first clients.

The Business Owner

It has always been important to us that clients develop their own relationships with media. Your PR Coach takes that a step further and helps business owners and managers learn how to do it themselves from the get-go. We can walk you through how to create your own hard-hitting public relations strategy – including crafting your key messages and brand story. We can also cover how to incorporate social media and influencer relations, and how to pitch the perfect PR story. Whatever you want to learn about effective communications, we can help.

Obviously, some people don’t have time to do it all – especially once their businesses surpass a certain size. However, we think it’s very empowering to at least know the ropes. As well as giving you the skills to manage elements of the PR programme yourself, it also makes appointing your next agency or hiring an in-house communications employee much more straightforward and easy to understand.

 The Job Seeker

Finding your dream job is all about presenting yourself in the best possible way, and ensuring that you stand head and shoulders above the other candidates. We can help you tackle your next job search like a seasoned PR professional. We can help you use communications to get in front of job decision makers – often without even needing to apply in the traditional manner. We will design a CV and covering letter that will win an interviewer over before you’ve even met them in person. Once you have secured an interview, we will talk you through how to make the best possible impression, from the minute you walk through the door to the final handshake. We can also develop your online profile, including a SEO optimised LinkedIn profile and even a professional landing page. Let us know what your career goals are and we will make them happen.

The Future A-Lister

Are you in the public eye – or do you want to be? Personal branding and an understanding of public relations is absolutely vital if you want to establish yourself as a popular and respected identity on the world stage. We can help you pinpoint what your unique brand personality is and communicate that to the public using creative, effective media and social media techniques. We can also teach you how to organise event appearances, attract invitations and network with the influencers and decision makers that will make your career a success. This package can include photography, landing pages, social media set-up and other collateral, if required.